Syracuse Manufacturing and Social Media

I recently read an article titled “7 ways you can waste marketing dollars”.  I decided to do a bit of research and see how many manufacturing companies in Syracuse were making some of those mistakes. My initial plan was to pick a handful of random companies listed in the manufacturing directory and see how many more »


Why CNY Manufacturers Need to Market Themselves

For many years now we have known that manufacturing is suffering in Central New York. However a lot of people just tend to ignore the issue and not look into it any further. The even bigger issue is that most of the remaining manufacturers are taking the wrong approach in dealing with their situation. The more »


Social Media and New Business

Since I have taken the first step into the marketing world, social media has been a major topic of discussion. There are many arguments that say that social media is great for raising awareness but not all that great for bringing in new business. The purpose of this post is to show some evidence and more »


Four Easy Ways to Avoid Back and Business Pain

Lift with your knees, strengthen your core, stretch often, don’t sit for too long and many other tips have been given by physicians. There is only so much time in a day and one can only focus on so many things at once. These basic tips above get ignored quite a bit and we find more »


Connecting to Customers

I read a great post today on LinkedIn. If you are connected to me, I shared it. The post is from Jordy Leiser, he shares about an exchange on Twitter. In this case, a subscriber of the WSJ did not receive his paper that morning, a second time in a month. The response came directly more »