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Connecting to Customers

I read a great post today on LinkedIn. If you are connected to me, I shared it. The post is from Jordy Leiser, he shares about an exchange on Twitter. In this case, a subscriber of the WSJ did not receive his paper that morning, a second time in a month. The response came directly from Rupert Murdoch. Read the post here:

I have recently been talking with clients and potential clients about this. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are an excellent tool for businesses to enhance, grow, engage and experience great connections with their customers. It can, however, backfire if you simply feel you can put up a presence and walk away. Social media is an ongoing effort, and if you want that connection to grow with your customers then you have to work at it. How is this done? Well, I think Mr. Murdoch shows us one way. When an issue comes up you have to fix it. Doing it in a very transparent way, through social media, will grow respect and relationships.

What are you and your business doing today to connect with your customers? Do you think the traditional way is working or good enough? I’d love to challenge you on that assumption. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about social media as a business. We have a Twitter account, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. We have not engaged with our clients through social media the way we have asked them to engage with theirs. retz advertising + design has decided we cannot have the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality ¬†anymore. As with our clients, we’ve developed a strategy and message that we’ve been implementing. This strategy, this message, is geared toward accentuating the culture and showing tangible results. We’d sure love share ours with you!