who is retz?

Founder, Adman, Artist, Husband and Dad. A Central New York native, Don attended Manlius Pebble Hill then graduated from Fabius Pompey. His college education started with OCC with a degree in Advertising Design then continued at SU with a degree in Communications Design and a concentration in Advertising Design. Taking advice from his professor, Don went to NYC to start and build his career. After a decade of experience he moved his family back and started building it on his own.


Some of the great clients Don has served in his twenty-year career include:
• Aiwa Electronics
• Botox Cosmetics
• iVillage
• Johnson & Johnson
• Novo Nordisk
• Pfizer
• Phillips Electronics
• Sanofi Aventis


Q:Does the size of an agency determine its effectiveness and creativity?
A: Short answer, no. This depends on the agency and it’s team. I have always been a problem solver at heart. I enjoy figuring out how to do things more efficiency and more refined. To do this I need to keep up with trends in the industries I service as well as trends in advertising and marketing. I need to know what works and what doesn’t as it relates to the individual client. Each client is different and they have different cultures that help define their brands. So as a small agency we are effective and creative. Creativity and effectiveness are not affected negatively by our size.


Q: Would you consider rad to be a traditional agency?
A: Not really. I’m not saying others don’t do what we do, some do. We are not traditional in the sense that we can not rely on what worked ten years ago or even last year. Technology changes, what works changes and customers of our clients change. Our local newspaper went from 7 day a week delivery to announcing they will cut to 3 days a week. How could we rely on what we did last year that worked this year? There are a lot of new ways to engage our client’s customers. It’s our goal to help move our clients into new ways of engaging with their customers.


Q: What did your career in NYC teach you? How does that relate to your CNY location?
A: I learned how to be efficient and detailed. I learned that building relationships with clients is just as important as building relationships with vendors. Developing your skills daily and exploring new ways to do things are a must. I continue to learn and grow each day. I enjoy what I do.


Q: On a personal level, what is your life like outside of work?
A: I have a great family, wife of 20 years, 4 great kids and 2 golden retrievers. I enjoy being going to my kids school events and sports activities. I remember my father who was a orthopedic surgeon sitting on the sidelines of my basketball and baseball games. If he could adjust his schedule and be there for his sons activities, then I sure can. I enjoy camping, fishing and hunting, can’t say I am good at it or get anything, but I enjoy being outside.


Q: How do you unwind?
A: I was introduced to martial arts five years ago and have enjoyed every minute of my training. I feel that it helps me unwind and de-stress my life. My favorite part is sparring and have enjoyed doing so with nationally ranked title holders. Broken toes and broken ribs aren’t all that bad and they heal.


Q: What do you feel is the most important thing your agency can do for your clients?
A: Be honest about their position and perception in their market. Give them effective and creative solutions that enhance their brand and engage their clients. We always want be proactive and over deliver on what we do for them.