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Four Easy Ways to Avoid Back and Business Pain

Lift with your knees, strengthen your core, stretch often, don’t sit for too long and many other tips have been given by physicians.

There is only so much time in a day and one can only focus on so many things at once. These basic tips above get ignored quite a bit and we find ourselves immobilized for 24 hours or worse because we forgot them. Below is a list of four activities that will take no effort to plug into your daily life in order to alleviate back pain or business pain.

1. Get up

Physical: You know exactly when it is time to get up and move. You back starts to get stiff and you start wiggling in your chair. But you are in the middle of finishing up this project, answering this email and completing any number of tasks that are in front of you. The task will still be there 60 seconds from now, get up and go get a glass of water and stretch your legs out.

Business: This applies to the actual task of making things happen. Many companies get in the habit of doing the same thing over and over. They have the feeling that things are no longer working, but they keep pushing with the same method anyway in hopes that it will get better, however it doesn’t. You need to get up, try new things and take a little break from the methods that are no longer working. Though for many companies their method is actually just sitting around and doing nothing and hoping someone else will fix the problem for them.

2. The Passive Stretch

Physical: By continuously stretching your hamstrings out, it relieves pressure from your lower back. Next to my desk I have a red chair; no one ever sits in it besides one of my feet. Throw a leg out there for 30 to 60 seconds and you can continue to do your work while accomplishing your stretch.

Business: Just as our body needs to be stretched, our mind does as well. We need to be constantly striving to increase our intellect. The top level people in your company need to be constantly engaged in the newest information in your industry. A simple and easy way is to have everyone subscribed to relevant newsletters and set the habit of doing some reading during downtimes. Downtimes can be anything from lunch to the few minutes you have before a meeting.

3. Morning Stretch

Physical: I don’t mean reserve 10-15 minutes for a stretch session. If you could manage to do that you wouldn’t have back challenges. I find it best to do a little stretch while brushing my teeth in the morning. It’s nothing serious; just throw a foot up on the tub for a few seconds and then switch. By the time I finishing brushing my teeth, my legs are already starting to loosen up.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Business: Keep in mind that the very first thing that happens in your office will set the mood for the rest of the day. Take a few minutes as you are getting situated in the morning to update with the people around you. See what everyone has planned for the day, or even share victories from the previous day. A proper morning setup can save you a lot of pain throughout the rest of the day.

4. Be aware – be smart

Physical: We have a little saying at the karate school I teach and train in. “Train smart today so you can train again tomorrow”. Simply meaning if you start to feel something bad is happening to your body, you need to either adjust or stop. For everyone not in the martial arts it means; if you are doing a physical task and your back starts getting sore, don’t push through it. Soon as you start feeling it getting sore, you need to take a break or get some help.

Business: If you are in one of the top positions in your company, you are required to delegate a lot of work as well as do much of it yourself. Do not forget about projects, be organized and be aware of everything that is going on. If there is a serious problem, do not ignore it – address it. This applies to those problems that at first appear like they are not a big deal, but you know that if they are left alone will become that serious back pain that will take your company out of commission for a time.

The more I study and learn the more I’m starting to realize that for many professionals their personal and professional lives are blended. If you have a career that you love and enjoy, it ends up complimenting your entire life style. The majority of the people I have surrounded myself with are in this position. To them, things that apply to their health and family can be applied to their careers as well. The above points are a very simple illustration of that concept.