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Social Media and New Business

Since I have taken the first step into the marketing world, social media has been a major topic of discussion. There are many arguments that say that social media is great for raising awareness but not all that great for bringing in new business. The purpose of this post is to show some evidence and guidance on how social media can bring in new clients.

Cold Calling: I would like to start off by talking a bit about cold calling. When I first started trying to get new clients all my efforts were focused on cold calling. I actually scheduled more meetings this way, but not many clients were created through this method. I understand that cold calling is a numbers game, but it takes a certain mentality to play the numbers game and not feel like you are always losing.

Credibility: Using social media to bring in new clients is simple but not easy. In order to get people to recognize you, you need some credibility. The main factors in building credibility are time and a well-planned social media presence.  Posting random stuff that is not relevant to your audience will actually hurt you in the long run. You need to decide who you want to target and start finding ways to get closer to those groups.

Awareness: Until you have a very strong social media presence and a lot of credibility, people will still not reach out to you. However opportunities will present themselves and it can be very easy to miss the chance. Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other forms of social media, you need to look for connections. This is where my new clients mainly came from.

Companies as well as their employees can post hints that they may be looking for help or new business that relates to you. Since it is posted on social media, immediate action is a must. Looking at who is following who, and who is connected to who can lead to great introductions and referrals as well.  Through the simple task of scanning through LinkedIn and Facebook an hour or two a day, we ended up getting a new client in the telecommunications industry. Another client in financial services will be giving us their marketing budget next week as well as referring us to another potential client. We have had a handful of introduction meetings and have given several proposals in the last few weeks, all due to social media.

Social media does not replace picking up the phone, but it is a great tool to bring in new business if done right. The best part about it is that it doesn’t feel like you are playing a losing numbers game. The ratio of meetings to new clients is a lot tighter and the leads are a lot better quality. You also tend to expand your network this way that can lead to future opportunities.