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Syracuse Manufacturing and Social Media

I recently read an article titled “7 ways you can waste marketing dollars”.  I decided to do a bit of research and see how many manufacturing companies in Syracuse were making some of those mistakes. My initial plan was to pick a handful of random companies listed in the manufacturing directory and see how many rules each company broke. Here are the first 4 mistakes listed by the article.

1. Using an individual Face Book page instead of business page
2. Website content written to please executives and ignoring feedback
3. Using Google Ads without testing, tracking or analyzing
4. Misusing Twitter

Since marketing mistakes 1, 2 and 4 were easy to find I thought I would start there. First I took a count of how many companies had social media in general. After researching 12 companies it became apparent that I would have a very boring chart. Out of the 12 manufacturing companies in Syracuse, 8 had no social media what so ever. If they did, I could not find it. The social media platform scores are listed below:

– Facebook: 4
– Twitter: 2
– LinkedIn: 1
– YouTube: 2

Out of these I would say that only 1 company had an effective social media plan. Their YouTube channel had 1 million views and their Facebook had about 9,000 likes. The content they were posting was also thought out and blended in with their promotions. They highlighted employees on their social media as well as customers that were doing creative things with their products. It was clear from their followers’ comments, that their product were getting bought and used. This company was not making marketing mistakes 1, 3 or 4. However I could not believe their website. At first it looked like a joke, it had the feel of a 1990’s html website with images that had poor resolution. They are missing a great opportunity in this area.

Last month I wrote an article showing statistics and ideas of just how much manufacturing companies in CNY were suffering. It is pretty clear why that is the case. The manufacturing companies here in Syracuse choose to treat their online presence as an option. And those that do create an online presence mistreat and misuse it. Without even realizing it, they are hurting their own businesses. Not having an online presence or social media presence is bad, but having it done wrong can be even worse.

Today is not uncommon for consumers to do a quick internet search prior to making major purchases.  A lot of research has been done on customer behavior and the data does not lie. Online shopping and mobile shopping is becoming more popular by the day. Companies that are taking advantage of this are doing really well, but it feels that many companies here in Syracuse are being left behind.