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Twitter. Now What?

When I first set up my Twitter account it was much like setting up any other social network. You get it all set up and then wonder “now what?” “Now what?” lasted for several months. I’d occasionally check it and noticed that I had some followers. Wasn’t really sure why anybody would follow someone who never said anything and looked like an egg. When I’d check my feed it was usually some non-sense that I really got no value out of. To say that I was put off by Twitter is an understatement.

Fast forward several months. I was having a conversation with a friend and they mentioned that they spend a lot of time on Twitter. I asked them what value they got out of it. They said they get almost all of their news there. News- I like news. I am a news junkie. I started following some news outlets. My Twitter was beginning to show promise. I began checking it more often. As my comfort level increased I began re-tweeting stuff I thought was interesting. I uploaded a good photo of me- a professionally shot one, which by the way, is used on all of my social networks. I created a bio statement- which I use in multiple social networks. Then I began researching how to use Twitter better. I took steps to make sure that I was getting found. I found ways to find relevant people to follow. They started following me back. My twitter feed became more interesting and I started posting relevant content to my followers. Occasionally my tweets made favorite lists, got re-tweeted, or I’d get added to somebodies list. Pretty cool. Twitter is now one of my favorite social media networks and it is part of my daily social media regimen.

As with most things that are good for you Twitter and social media in general, requires effort. If you are interested in developing your personal brand for yourself you’ll make time for it. If you are interested in further building your business brand using social media and twitter, keep in mind it will be noticed and critiqued. Good content will get results. Poor content will get you ignored. If you value your brand but don’t want the effort, organizations like ours can be retained to do it for you. The route you take is up to you.

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