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Why CNY Manufacturers Need to Market Themselves

For many years now we have known that manufacturing is suffering in Central New York. However a lot of people just tend to ignore the issue and not look into it any further. The even bigger issue is that most of the remaining manufacturers are taking the wrong approach in dealing with their situation.

The issue is real: 
First we must get evidence that the issue is real. According to the data released by the New York State Federal Reserve Bank; general business conditions are at a constant decline. Looking at the long term data provided we can see that the numbers of employees, production, shipments, orders, etc. are all on a decline *1. The New York state Department of Labor also shows that Central New York has lost around 1,200 manufacturing jobs in the last 12 months *2. There is no doubt that the manufacturing in Central New York is suffering.

Traditional Marketing: 
It seems that not all of the manufacturers have fallen victim to the Central New York mentality. There are still some out there that have billboards, newspaper ads, TV ads and other traditional marketing methods. We see that most of these companies are standing out. They are not sufferings as much and some are even growing. As long as they have some kind of plan, they do relatively well. However this only applies to companies that have no real competition. Which begs the question, if they have no real competition, why are they advertising?

 International Competition:
As stated, most of these companies that are doing at least some manufacturing do not suffer as much as long as they do not have any real competition. However we live in a world where competition is constantly increasing. CNY companies are no longer just competing against each other, due to technology and the means of gathering information, competition can come from across the country or even from the other side of the world. Many CNY companies are now finding themselves competing with national and international organizations. Unfortunately the tax system in New York does not help them in this fight either.

Modern Marketing:
(rad) as well as other marketing agencies have been saying for quite some time that traditional marketing no longer cuts it. Society is so rapidly changing and our marketing methods need to as well. Social media, content marketing and mobile marketing are on the rise. Marketing agencies have put a lot of research into how to utilize these new means of marketing. CNY manufacturers need to jump on board as well. Some have and they are doing extremely well, but the ones who have not will soon be faced with reality.

Getting started isn’t all that difficult. And that always needs to be the first step. From there companies can continue to do it on their own, and sometimes that works out quite well. However, manufacturers need to be aware of all the dangers of social media as well. If done wrong it can have serious consequences. Getting some advice from a professional agency is never a bad idea.


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